Kieleth Amakiir

For Maximus!


Kieleth Amakiir

She doesn’t look much older than 25 but judging by the way she strides you can safely assume she’s much older than that. Tangled silver blonde hair reaches down to the middle of her s arched back and large curls make her entire head of hair look like a huge poodle resting on her scalp. You can spot two ordinary sized pointy ears when she tucks her hair back showing her mixed race ancestry.

Her eyes are coloured like the shiniest silver and can shift from radiating with warmth to a gaze darker than the blackest night in an instant, if a look could kill Kieleth would be a perfect candidate for a serial killer; if that serial killer had it in for people that behaved badly. Bulging muscles flow like mountains under her pale skin and her impressive height of 2 meters makes her presence intimidating enough as is, womanly curves complete her Amazonian look.

Fashion is not one of Kieleth’s greatest concerns evidenced by her large mountain boots clinging tightly at her calves secured with leather ropes, loose at the right places her pants is made for the field and easy movement.

By the glorious power of the God Maximus Kieleth is able to channel divine powers, she has chosen the path of the paladin.

Das geht zu paiden seiten, “that works on both sides" Kieleth is ambidextrous. She can easily in the midst of combat switch dominant hand.

Kieleth Amakiir

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